A Family Business

Welcome to Tiroka

Tiroka is a parent company for a number of businesses owned and operated by the Newton family.  Based in South Wales, UK, the family have been in business for 25 years having started their first business in New Zealand in 1989. Upon moving to the UK in 2000 they continued to build their businesses and their investments.

The family members are:

Ron Newton - New Zealand born, Ron left school at 17 and started work as a fire engineer.  In 1989 he set up his first business as a specialist welding company for vintage cars. In 1990 he started his own fire protection company and this led on to other businesses in security, electrical contracting and air-conditioning.

Returning to the UK in 2000 Ron started a property investment business and a building and maintenance business.  Today Ron manages the family's property portfolio. 

Karen Newton - British born Karen started work with Inland Revenue. Marrying Ron in 1981 they moved to New Zealand where Karen went into banking leaving in 1992 to assist her husband with his businesses and develop some of her own. Karen's own businesses were quality management, writing advertorials for newspapers and a cosmetic company.

Returning to the UK in 2000 for family reasons Karen has written 6 books on investments and time management. In addition Karen has built several franchise networks;  a network marketing business; a niche marketing business and a mentoring business.  Karen manages the family's investments.

Christina Wright-Newton  -  Ron and Karen's daughter is slowly building up her own investments and businessess along with working in the family business.  In her spare time she helps with the health and beauty business

Newton Family - the family operate an investment lending business providing income to small businesses and individuals. They also support small business through angel investing 

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